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Name: Sari
Contact Info: plurk-sariesarita

Character Name: Akihito Kanbara (Akkey/Akkun/senpai/pervert)
Canon: Kyoukai no Kanata
Canon Point: Episode 8 as Izumi freezes him on the train

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{ C H R O N O L O G I C A L L Y }

Months -
Year 2013:

✚ [2013-12-21] Akihito awakens and meets his roommates Mikasa WORST and Hyobu
✚ [2013-12-21]Talks to Hiroomi over video before making a video of his own. Ends up speaking with Mirai much to both their surprise. As well as talking to Oz and Nezumi.
✚ [2013-12-21] Waiting for Hiroomi, he runs into Yuuki and Buffy while investigating the plants.

Year 2014:

✚ [2014-01-02] Talks family with Asbel
✚ [2014-01-04]Gets stabbed by new roommate Ellie
✚ [2014-01-04] Draws attention from others while cleaning up his bloodstained clothing. Speaks with Solomon, Gil, Winry, GARRY, Lavi and Zero.
✚ [2014-01-21] Helps Gintoki remove shackles of the dead children in the schoolhouse. Fights to keep Winry moving with something to do.
✚ [2014-01-28] Gets caught in the collapse of the apartment building. Morgan Nagisa and Mirai help pull him out.
✚ [2014-01-29] Talks fire with Leo.

✚ [2014-02-01] Hiro'omi Mitsuki and Sakura arrive.
✚ [2014-02-01] Mirai puts out a request about fixing glasses after his broke. Yuuki tattles about putting glasses on her.
✚ [2014-02-27] Concern about water situation to Yuuki.
✚ [2014-02-27] Discusses lab coats with Cecil.
✚ [2014-02-28] POST Defends his glasses issues to Yuuki and Zero. Discusses the water idea with Sonia. Accomplishing nothing but perversion before discussing North Haven with Hiro'omi. Helios fixes his glasses. Makes friends by discussing meganekko with Inigo. Talks about going to North Haven with Mirai

✚ [2014-03-13] Talks fantasies with Ryoji.
✚ [2014-03-20] POST Lack of meganekko in Haven. Yuuki, Allen, Lenalee, Echo, Ciel, Setz, Mitsuki, Buffy, Thor, Masaomi, Amane, Kashima, Mirai, Thorne, Hiro'omi, Sinon, Shion, Dante, Sakamoto


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